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Research Report: The State of Sustainable Hotel Management in Europe

What are the biggest challenges European hoteliers face when it comes to sustainable hotel management? What are the most popular tools and practices for managing water, energy, and waste? Download our research report to find out!

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Guide: Sustainable Hotel Practices

Are you looking to stay ahead of sustainability trends and reduce the environmental footprint of your hotel business? Read this Ultimate Guide to understand why sustainability matters and what you can do to drive positive impact.

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Guide: Water Management in Hotels

Did you know that up to 10% of hotels' utility budgets are spent on water? Or that water-efficient practices can decrease water use by 20-25%? After reading this Ultimate Guide, you'll be well on your way towards more eco- and wallet-friendly water management.

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Guide: 4 Ways to Measure Your Hotel’s Water Consumption

Considering that water accounts for approximately 10% of hotels’ utility costs, water conservation is a priority to most European hoteliers. Find out the pros and cons of 4 alternative water measurement practices and choose the right one for your hotel business.

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Guide: How Everyone from Maintenance to Management Will Benefit from Smartvatten

Your maintenance team, technical team, and management team all play a crucial role in controlling your hotel group’s water consumption. Find out how Smartvatten empowers all roles within your hotel group to overcome their unique challenges.

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